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Save time and Energy by letting our professional maids clean your home. Let us take care of the Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping and Scrubbing,

We do the Cleaning Saving You Time & Energy

Maid Service Fort Lauderdale

Is Your Source For a Clean Home Without the Energy or Effort

We guarantee satisfaction. Just call us within 24 hours of service and we’ll return to your home to remedy the problem.


Cleaning FAQ

We have been providing exceptional service to the Fort Lauderdale area for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional, and exceptional service. We also guarantee our work. If you have a problem call us within 24 hours, and we will make it right.

We ask that you pick up any miscellaneous items from the floor and furniture before we arrive. We also ask that your pets are in a space that is comfortable for them while we clean. Both of these things will help our cleaning team complete an efficient and thorough cleaning.

No, because most work is done between 8am and 5pm we know that most of our customers will not be able to be home during every scheduled cleaning. In the majority of these cases our customers provide a spare key or a garage code once we have established a rapport and are on a recurring cleaning schedule.

Although it is impossible to ensure and exact time because we want to ensure all of our customer’s homes are properly and thoroughly cleaned, we will give you a window of time which our cleaning team will be at your home.

Typically arrival windows are in a time frame of 30-90 minutes.

The cleaning process we use ensures every home gets the most consistent cleaning each and every time we arrive. Once we establish a recurring schedule we will be sure to create a plan of action that meets your needs and expectations.

Typically we do not clean toys, pick up clutter, clean your iron, do laundry or wash dishes. We want to make sure that all of your items are in their proper place and leave these kind of organizational tasks to you. But, upon request we can always tailor our service to your needs.

No our cleaning team comes prepared with all of the equipment and supplies that they will need to complete your cleaning, and they will take them with them when they are finished.

We understand that life can be unpredictable. Call us as soon as you recognize the scheduling conflict and we will do our best to reschedule you.

Payments are due in full the day of your cleaning service. Most of our customers leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter, but if you need to pay by credit card we can make those arrangements.

Over the past two decades we have found that the first cleaning brings most homes into a uniform standard that our cleaning team is committed to upholding and maintaining throughout your recurring cleaning service. To do this, it takes a little more time and cost a little more than once we have all of the areas and items in our cleaning process where we need them to ensure top quality service.

“It’s amazing how two kids and a dog really steal the time I usually used for cleaning… your cleaning service gives me more time with them.”


Sarag Barrington

“I just want to say how thankful we are to your team for the superb  cleaning job they did while I was at work. It is so nice coming home to a clean house!!”


Kalvin Roman

“I was more than pleased with the house cleaning done by your staff. Everything look really good. I will be making a weekly appiontment! Keep up the great work.”


Samantha Baker

” Excellent job! I am very happy with the cleaning service you guys provided.  Thanks.”


Steven Hunts


Service Plans

Our Maids will schedule a time convenient to your schedule each week and make sure your home sparkles

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Monthly Maid Services allow you to take a break relax and catch up on things you have put off all month because you haven’t had the help you deserve. Let us come once a month and take the load off.

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