Bedroom Cleaning Service

Bedroom Cleaning Service your can count on for a good night’s sleep.

The bedroom should be a space you can retreat and rest after a long day. It needs to be inviting and clean helping you unwind and sleep tight so when you wake up you are refreshed and ready to face your day head on. Maid Service Fort Lauderdale knows the importance of a clean bedroom when it comes to your ability to relax and unwind.  Nightstands can collect dust, floors, rugs and blinds all require regular cleaning as too, making a regular bedroom cleaning essential. 

If deep cleaning your bedroom doesn’t fit into your busy routine let our professional maid service help. Our bedroom cleaning process will transform your room into a fresh clean space ready for a good night’s sleep and relaxation. A deep cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis is just what your bedroom needs to keep it the calm and peaceful place you deserve.

Our bedroom cleaning process includes:

  • Dusting furniture, including book shelves, tv stands, dressers, as well as decorative accessories on display. We also dust the ceiling fans baseboards.
  • We also remove any cobwebs by wiping down the corners and bottoms of furniture
  • We Vacuum carpets and rugs, wash the hardwood/laminate/tile floors.
  • Empty Trash baskets
  • Change Sheets/Linens

Giving your bedroom a relaxing feel

Maid Service Fort Lauderdale picks up (pun intented) where your every day cleaning leaves off. Maybe you do not have any problem making your bed or picking up the clothes each day, but you probably don’t have the time for the deeper cleaning tasks like cleaning the bedroom floor, or cleaning and dusting the furniture. Instead of stressing out and missing family or relaxation time, let our cleaning team take care of these tasks for you. We will create a custom schedule to have your home expertly cleaned either once a week, twice a month, or just once a month, whichever works best for you and your family.

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Our Cleaning Team Leaves No Corner Untouched

Checklist for Bedroom Cleaning 

  • All Surfaces get dusted – Eliminating dust from the furniture by wiping down tv stands, head boards, dressers, picture frames, decorative items, alarm clocks, and night stands.
  • All Wood Furniture gets wiped down – All wood surfaces get wiped down with microfiber to ensure a bright and streak free finish.
  • Cobweb Elimination – The corners of the room, where walls meet each other and where they meet the cieling are usually the culprit. We also take care of where the floor meets the furniture low to the ground which is usually another place for pesky spider webs.
  • Cleaning light fixtures – Dust accumulates on cieling fans and light fixtures, as well as lampshades and lamps. All of these get a thorough wipe down.
  • Change Bedding – If you leave out fresh linens we are also able to change all of the bed linens for your.
  • Clean floors – The floors get a good vacuum and cleaning where lots of traffic causes build up of dirt and grime.

Emptying trash bins – Before we close out your bed room we empty all of the trash baskets.

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