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Laundry Room Cleaning Service

Laundry Rooms Get Neglected Because the Laundry is Never Finished. The laundry room is often a very busy room when families are concerned. Yet, they often get neglected in the cleaning routine because who has time to clean the laundry room while they are washing, drying, and folding the laundry? When your busy routine keeps you from having a clean…

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Bathroom Cleaning Service

Call Maid Service Fort Lauderdale for a thorough bathroom cleaning. Our Bathroom Cleaning process includes sanitizing sinks and counters, wiping showers, scrubbing toilets, wiping down mirrors and mopping floors.  The toughest room in your house needs the toughest cleaning team! Each week your bathroom sees alot of use. Stopping soap scum build up and keeping mildew away can be difficult…

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Kitchen Cleaning Service

Our Kitchen Cleaning services includes sanitizing your counters, your sink, we mop your floors, wipe down the exterior of your appliances and your cabinets We recommend cleaning service for your kitchen every week. We are ready to tackle every room in your home, but the kitchen is one of the toughest, because we all know it is used a lot,…

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