Kitchen Cleaning Service

Our Kitchen Cleaning services includes sanitizing your counters, your sink, we mop your floors, wipe down the exterior of your appliances and your cabinets We recommend cleaning service for your kitchen every week.

We are ready to tackle every room in your home, but the kitchen is one of the toughest, because we all know it is used a lot, and most of them it certainly shows. You cook, you eat, people are coming in and out, all leading up to grime building up. Our team of professionals use a proven process that delivers exceptional results that feel not just see.

When you let us clean your kitchen you’ll benefit from a space that’s clean top to bottom.

When you schedule a cleaning service our team will wipe and dust all of your countertops and take care of Eleni crumbs. We will clean your cooktops. then clean  outside and inside your microwave. Wipe down all of your appliances getting rid of all smudges and fingerprints. we will then clean your cabinet hardware and faucets. the last thing we do is clean and vacuum your floors. 

Maid service Fort Lauderdale’s can also clean the interior refrigerator and the interior oven upon request.

Give us a call today to schedule your home cleaning service. 945-641-3382

Take back your time and let us do the Dirty Work.

Hectic schedules and busy lives often get in the way of maintaining a cleaning routine on a regular basis. Most kitchen’s require a regular deep cleaning that most people simply don’t have time for. Of course you probably are able to take care of the dirty dishes after dinner but probably struggle with more intensive cleaning tasks. For instance there might not always be time to clean your countertop thoroughly, clean the inside of your oven, or even to eliminate the buildup of food particles and stains. Maybe your stainless steel just lacks the shine at once had and there are smudges and fingerprints all over. And if you can’t keep up with regular dusting of your countertops you could have just a little layer of grime.

Rather than believing a spotless kitchen is unattainable you can hire Maid Service Fort Lauderdale to create the sparkling clean kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.  Our team of professionals understand that you might simply not have time to deep clean weekly or even monthly. By letting Maid Service Fort Lauderdale Handle your kitchen cleaning we can free up your time so you can enjoy serious relaxation knowing your Kitchen will be clean when you come home from work.

We can customize your kitchen cleaning service.

Kitchens attract crowds and with those crowds come dirt, crumbs, and build up. Cleaning your kitchen regularly is essential to making sure your home looks its best.  Maid Service Fort Lauderdale provides the perfect kitchen cleaning service for your busy family. We know you desire a well cared for home, but with children, work, and leisurely activities it’s impossible to stay on top of regular cleaning.  Enlisting our help with a recurring cleaning service is the perfect solution for your busy family. We will put your kitchen on a regular schedule so that it is always clean and fresh. We can come every week every other week or just once a month whatever option works best for you and your family

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