Laundry Room Cleaning Service

Laundry Rooms Get Neglected Because the Laundry is Never Finished.

The laundry room is often a very busy room when families are concerned. Yet, they often get neglected in the cleaning routine because who has time to clean the laundry room while they are washing, drying, and folding the laundry?

When your busy routine keeps you from having a clean home let Maid Service Fort Lauderdale Help. Our professional maid service tackles every room in your home, even the laundry room.  Washing and folding laundry is a tedious task, why do it in a space that could use a deep cleaning? Relax, and let us handle the hard work.

A Clean Place for Clean Clothes

When our Professional Maids are going through the cleaning process at your home we focus on surfaces where buildup of dust and dirt occurs. We Will:

  • Eliminate dust and dirt by wiping down cabinets and counter tops
  • Vacuum and Wash the floors no matter if they are vinyl, wood, laminate, or tile.
  • Empty trash baskets that may be full of dryer sheets and lint, and other laundry related garbage.  

Professionalism Matters

Maid Service Fort Lauderdale has been serving the Fort Lauderdale region for over twenty years. This mean we have the experience and professionalism to arrive at your home prepared to get to work. We often spend more time in our customer’s homes than we do our own, so we fully understand your needs and what it takes to clean the various rooms in different houses. We also know that no two customers are exactly the same in what they expect from a cleaning service. 

This is why we create a customized process and schedule that meets your needs and expectations, and focus on what your concerns and problem areas are. All o our professional cleaners are happy to receive your input  and requests to make sure you receive the service that you expect.  

Has your laundry room been neglected? Schedule your cleaning appointment today! And let us take one more item off of your to-do list.

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