Living Room and Hallway Cleaning Service.

The living room or “Family Room” tends to get the hardest use. It is a place for everyone to relax after a busy day, where family and friends hang out and chat or watch their favorite shows. Life passes so quickly we understand the importance of cherishing each moment. Instead of spending hours cleaning your family room you should be living in it. Maid Service Fort Lauderdale is here to make that happen.

Our Living Room and Hallway Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Cleaning under furniture and other hard to reach places
  • Dusting baseboards, blinds, fixtures, and other furniture
  • Cleaning any glass surfaces
  • Dust for cobwebs
  • Clean and Vacuum Flooring
  • Wipe Down Furniture 
  • Using the most efficient cleaning processes 

Spend Time with Your Family and Let us do the Dirty Work

Your cleaning team will always arrive on time and fully equipped with a customized cleaning process, so you will always be able to trust that we will never leave a foot of your living room uncleaned. Not only that but we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so the only thing you have to lose is some dust and dirt.

Staying on Top of House Work is Hard 

With all the living that goes on in your family room, it requires a lot of  cleaning. Floors attract dirt and crumbs, not to mention debris and the need for regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Tabletops, decorative accents, tabletops, and light fixtures. Sofas, recliners and love seats can hide crumbs in their crevices and under their cushions. If your busy schedule keeps you from the deep cleaning on a regular basis you might even see cobwebs in the corners.

Do you have pets? Then I know fighting pet hair in every corner and on every surface of your home can be daunting. Let our Professional Maids target not only pet hair, but the daner and oder as well?

Schedule your cleaning appointment today! 

Our Cleaning Services Fits any Schedule

Living room Cleaning services can be scheduled whenever fits best into your busy routine. Maybe you just need a quick refresher before you have friends or family over and only need a one time cleaning. Or maybe you are ready to sit back and relax after a long day instead of having to clean and want us to maintain your clean and restful home on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis? We can create a cleaning schedule that fits into your unique and busy schedule that meets your needs and relieves you of the stress of maintaining a clean living area.

When you are ready to relax and spend your time on other things than cleaning call Maid Service Fort Lauderdale for help with your living room cleaning needs. Life is busy and although you can keep up with the surface cleaning, you might not have the time to get down deep every week, or even every month. Maid Service Fort Lauderdale can jump in and take on your living room with our structured approach. Or professional maids can give your house the detail oriented cleaning that makes sure no corners are missed.

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