Oven/Refrigerator Cleaning


As one of the leading Oven/Refrigerator Cleaning companies Maid Service Fort Lauderdale offers comprehensive Oven/Refrigerator Cleaning services for your toughest messes. Our years of experience combined with  dedication to doing the job right is why more people are calling our company to get the best in Oven/Refrigerator Cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale..

What you can expect from our Oven/Refrigerator Cleaning:

For the Refrigerator 

  • Removing Stains caused by food
  • Getting rid of hardened food particles and mold
  • Eliminating mysterious odors
  • Tackling grime on the racks, in the drawers, and on the shelves
  • Removing the dust and dirt that has accumulated in the crevices of the door

For the Oven

  • Removing and cleaning each rack individually
  • Cleaning and Rinsing the interior, including the door
  • Polishing the window to a streak free shine
  • Tackling grime on the racks, in the drawers, and on the shelves
  • Removing exterior fingerprints, smudges for a streak free shine

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“It’s amazing how two kids and a dog really steal the time I usually used for cleaning… your cleaning service gives me more time with them.”


Sarag Barrington

“I just want to say how thankful we are to your team for the superb  cleaning job they did while I was at work. It is so nice coming home to a clean house!!”


Kalvin Roman

“I was more than pleased with the house cleaning done by your staff. Everything look really good. I will be making a weekly appiontment! Keep up the great work.”


Samantha Baker

” Excellent job! I am very happy with the cleaning service you guys provided.  Thanks.”


Steven Hunts